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Humane Education

School Assembly and Online Curriculum

Meeting the

Social and Emotional

Needs of Children

Blending the tenets of Humane Education with Character Education has been the foundation of the work of

Dogs of Character.  Since our first school assembly in 2009, we have reached thousands of children with a traveling group of amazing rescued dogs.  

Children have connected with these pups in ways that are both meaningful and lasting.  We have always believed that dogs are the bridge to many children's hearts.  As you look through the photos you will see what we mean.

As a Social and Emotional Learning program,  we bring you a unique way to address the needs of your students.

Meet The Team

Therapy Dog Teaching Courage at Special Needs School

Emily Bond

Emily has led the Dogs of Character program for over 11 years.  She opened the Los Angeles chapter and now trains and teaches the Texas Team. This is her dog, Lola who has been loving on children since Dogs of Character began.

Character Education Instructor at School Assembly Teaching Social and Emotional Needs

Mallory Morrison

Mallory has presented with her dogs Layla and Max for 11 years.  She is our Lead Instructor for the Special Needs classes.  

Dogs of Character Instructor teaching bilingual Social and Emotional Learning

Mariella Espinoza

Mariella began with Dogs of Character 2 years ago.  She teaches all the bilingual assemblies and will be teaching the online classes in Spanish.