Therapy Dog Char Teaching Empathy


"Everything I know, I learned from dogs"

                                          Nora Roberts


By recognizing the innate love children have for dogs, we are able to teach the concepts of Social and Emotional learning through the stories and life lessons of these amazing rescued dogs.  

Dogs of Character has travelled all over Texas reaching over 20,000 children.  Since 2010, this program has had the opportunity to work in school districts in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston.  

Each dog in the cast is a rescue who can reach children in the most meaningful and inspiring ways, sharing their stories of how they have overcome tremendous odds and now are giving back.

What if you could teach empathy and compassion in the most meaningful and inspiring ways.

Woofs and Wags

"I recommend this program to any school looking for a way to teach students to empathize with each other."

- Patricia Aliperti, Counselor, Palm Elementary, Austin ISD

"This program sends a powerful message about anti-violence and compassion!"
- Dina Smith, Counselor, Mittelstadt Elementary, Klein ISD

"Dogs of Character deserves an A-plus for approaching the bullying issue from the angle of self-empowerment and for using these remarkable rescued dogs to communicate the message to kids in such a concrete way."
- Cheryl Hart, Counselor, Epps Island Elementary, Klein ISD